About Us

Our History

The civilian Government of Ogun State in 1979 expressed its desire and determination to establish more Polytechnics, Colleges of Education and a University for the State during its first term in office. Thus, by a letter dated 19th January 1982, the then Honourable Commissioner for Education convened the Planning committee for the establishment of Ogun State University. Read more.

Our Philosophy

OOU seeks to give useful learning to its students who will be encouraged to cultivate a world view that facilitates not only the continuous pursuit of academic and moral excellence but also developing their expertise and competence in reducing the quagmire of society’s disease ignorance and squalor. The University shall therefore be rooted in its community and act, at all times, as a beacon and symbol of the spirit of the community (local and national), guardian of its moral and a formulator of its hopes and aspirations. Accordingly, it shall cultivate a distinct tradition and character that reflect those essential values and nuances that give the host and national communities their distinctive flavour and identity.

Our Vision & Mission


The Olabisi OnabanjoUniversity shall be the centre of academic excellence where “knowledge skills and value will be purposed relentlessly to ensure the flowering of human abilities, service to the Nigeria nation and the world at large in the wider context of traditional wisdom and culture”.


“To provide the best educational experience for our students and the public through excellence in teaching, research and creative activities and service to the state, society and the world at large”.

Our Core Values

In the context of share Vision and collective Mission, couple with the aspiration to assist OOU to attain and remain at the cutting edge of research, learning and higher education in Nigeria and in the international arena, the following values will guide the work performance during this plan period and beyond. Read more.

Strategic Objectives

OOU was established to discharge a tripod of responsibilities, namely, teaching, research and community service. This responsibilities entail that the University. Read more.