(History and Philosophy of Science)

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(History and Philosophy of Science)

About this course

This online course is generated from the GNS 103 textbook you bought from school however, unlike the textbook which seems to have too much content with minimal point focus that makes understanding the course a lot difficult for students, we have made this course a lot easier by:

  1. Making it very concise and point focused. This will help you focus on points and get a more general idea than reading the whole book.
  2. Including images and videos. Using audio-visual methods to backup text notes will empower your understandings of the course.
  3. Inclusion of shot quizzes. The inclusion of short quizzes is a fundamental to track your progress. You perform well in quizzes,  the greater your chance to perform well in exams.
  4. Convenience. We all know students condition in class where the environment is not conducive and convenient at all. Our online course lessons gives you convenience by allowing you choose your study location: your room, toilet or Mr Biggs: anywhere!

There are more advantages of taking the online course which you will realize yourself. However, our ultimate objective is to get you an "A" grade in GNS with ultimate ease!


Course Structure

  • Unit 1: The Origin and Nature of Man
  • Scientific Methodology
  • Unit 3: Chemical and Radiochemical Hazards
  • Unit 4: Renewable and Non-Renewable Energy
  • Unit 5: Waste Management Concept
  • Unit 6: The Microbial Evolution
  • Unit 7: Man and the Cosmic Environment