Become a Teacher Who Revolutionizes Nigerian Education System

This is a campaign of our belief!

We believe challenging the status quo in Nigerian Educational System will bring a massive Economic Growth to Nigeria.

We believe revolutionizing Nigerian Educational System will bring a positive boost for students’ academic performance.

What Nigeria is today is a product of Nigerian Education. What the next generation will do is also the result of how effective and efficient students learn. Many youths are out there, wrecked with the inability to afford the cost of Higher Institution. Those with entrepreneurial potentials cannot afford the cost of acquiring management and other essential skills for success. Even those who can afford the tuition fees still find it difficult to afford educational materials and those who can afford school fully find it difficult to fully understand what and why they are educated. This is because most schools in Nigeria lack standard instructional facilities which makes students uncomfortable and reduces understanding ability of students.  Nigeria is short of leaders because the Cost of Leadership Training is very high and the few capable trainers are not enough to teach the youth population.

We are starting our revolution by creating an environment where great teachers like you, who will change and improve the direction of Nigerian Education by teaching practical skills with the advancement in technology, will thrive. eLearnChat is fully packaged with the latest fully functional technologies needed for sound education.

We want to make Education in Nigeria easier, faster, cheaper and more rewarding with high quality. All we can do now is to create the environment. We need you to impact the knowledge and skills to youths across Nigeria.

By doing so, you will contribute to the advancement of the country and also create an additional source of income for yourself. Join us by becoming a Teacher who Revolutionizes Nigerian Education. Click the button below.