Become a Freelance Instructor

  • Are you a business or academic educator?
  • Do you have some exceptional skills you think is rare and want to teach?
  • Are you an educated graduate seeking employment but to no avail?
  • Are you seeking additional income stream with all the great knowledge you posses?
  • Is your income stream insufficient to cater for your daily needs?

Earn more by becoming a Freelance Instructor!

A freelance instructor discovers and teaches high quality and expensive courses at extremely cheap rates thereby increasing students’ conversion which boost his income. What if you had the opportunity to study a course that worth N5000 in a physical environment with inconvenience at just N500 with greater a comfort on your Smartphone, will you decline the offer? As a businessperson, it is better to gain N500 from a thousand people than to gain N5000 from a hundred people. Do your math!

As a freelance instructor:
i. You have the potential to reach thousands to millions of audience depending on the necessity of your course.
ii. You get the opportunity to monetize this audience by selling cheap but quality courses.
iii. We provide you and your students, great comfort as you can both interact regardless of time and location.
iv. We help you locate students across the nation.
v. You get a stable income stream without much continuous effort.
How it Works
Register as a student then request to become a freelance instructor after which your request will be reviewed and granted in 24hours. You then will be granted access to publish courses. You have the capability to determine the price at which you sell your course however, we advise that your course should not be more than N500. Also have in mind that whatever course you are publishing, make sure to publish courses with the quality ten times the price in other to attract a bigger audience and then get a bigger profit.
On every sale, we will take a commission of 40% while you have the remaining 60%. Your payment will be delivered to you on a weekly basis which will be every Saturday and Sunday and the account at which we will disburse your payment is the account you registered while requesting to become a freelance instructor. Note that bank charges will be deducted upon disbursement.

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