About Us

We believe Innovations in Nigerian Educational System will ultimately bring about Economic Growth.

We believe students can increase their performance by reducing stress and learning with fun.

We believe the poor can have access to quality education.

We Challenge the Status Quo in Nigerian Educational System in order to wake-it-up and make it play its role.

We believe the strength of education in U.S. and China is responsible for their economic power.

Why can’t Nigerian Education be that strong?

We are here to challenge the status quo of Nigerian Education.

We are here to make education Easier, Comfortable, cheap and stronger.

We are here to improve Nigeria.

And we start by creating an environment where Teachers (of any skill) can teach students anywhere in Nigeria at anytime with great ease and comfort. We are here as a massive e-Education Technology.

With eLearnChat:

  1. Nigeria students will be able to receive quality lectures and tutorials on numerous fields.
  2. There will be an increase in students performance as they can now study with their mobile phones.
  3. The fact that our eLearning environment is equipped with audio-visual and other instructional methods will positively boost their learning capacities.
  4. Students can receive whatever lecture they want regardless of geographical location.
  5. Tutors and students around the country can interact with one another, discuss topics and also connect with one another through our chat facilities.
  6. Teachers can increase their income while providing cheap and quality education to Nigerian population.
  7. Teachers can teach any skill they are good at.
  8. And much more!

Are you ready to teach any skill? Join us to achieve these belief. Join us to make education better.

Are you good at a skill and you want to help the poor youths create a source of income for themselves?

Are you good at some management skill that will help Nigerian business owners boost their sales?

Are you knowledgeable to teach people personal development?

Are you willing to help the so called unempowered youths realize the real and massive potentials in them?

We cannot do this alone, we need you to join us and publish your courses (with our well equipped instruments) to help the poor, unskilled, students, businesspeople etc. improve themselves and triumph poverty.

Sign Up now and begin to study. Make Education Better & Easier!