About Us

eLearnChat is a platform made especially for Nigerian students to improve their academic performance. A nation with quality education is deemed for success. We all know the challenges facing Nigerian students with the advent of mobile technology. Students prefer using their smartphone’s functionalities (i.e. chatting, playing games etc.) all day long compared to reading their books and this is a major problem affecting their performance. 90% of students’ time is spent one way or the other on their smartphones (which excludes educational activities). If their smartphones had learning functionalities (which it actually has but not in use), education in Nigeria would have been a step ahead.

With eLearnChat:

  1. Nigeria students will be able to receive quality lectures and tutorials on numerous fields.
  2. There will be an increase in students performance as they can now study with their mobile phones.
  3. The fact that our eLearning environment is equipped with audio-visual and other instructional methods will positively boost their learning capacities.
  4. Students can receive whatever lecture they want regardless of geographical location.
  5. Tutors and students around the country can interact with one another, discuss topics and also connect with one another through our chat portal.
  6. And much more!

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