Become a Teacher Who Revolutionizes Nigerian Education System

This is a campaign of our belief!

We believe challenging the status quo in Nigerian Educational System will bring a massive Economic Growth to Nigeria.

We believe revolutionizing Nigerian Educational System will bring a positive boost for students’ academic performance.


We believe we can help you improve your academic and general performance in life if we improve Nigerian Educational System.

We are challenging the status quo by creating an environment where cheap and quality education with the comfort of which you can study anytime at anywhere can be facilitated. We need you students as well as teachers to interact together, as this platform allows you to meet teachers from any location in the country. By Enrolling and telling your friends about us, you progress our vision to make Education Cheaper, Easier, Faster, Fun with great Quality.  Enroll for a course now and be a part of this change!


We believe Innovations in Nigerian Educational System will ultimately bring about Economic Growth.

We believe students can increase their performance by reducing stress and learning with fun.

We believe the poor can have access to quality education.

We Challenge the Status Quo in Nigerian Educational System in order to wake-it-up and make it play its role.

We believe the strength of education in U.S. and China is responsible for their economic power.

Why can’t Nigerian Education be that strong?

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