We believe Innovations in Nigerian Educational System will ultimately bring about Economic Growth.

We believe students can increase their performance by reducing stress and learning with fun.

We believe the poor can have access to quality education.

We Challenge the Status Quo in Nigerian Educational System in order to wake-it-up and make it play its role.

We believe the strength of education in U.S. and China is responsible for their economic power.

Why can't Nigerian Education be that strong?

We are here to challenge the status quo of Nigerian Education.

We are here to make education Easier, Comfortable, cheap and stronger.

We are here to improve Nigeria.

And we start by creating an Environment where all universities in Nigeria can have their Virtual University Website were all lectures and classes will be taken online with full functionality. This will enable the cost of education to reduce by 70-80% while increasing the quality of education as well as the sustainability. The edge in information technology is increasing and this has made it easy to transfer information from one another, why not use it to improve the Educational sector and make it very cheap with highest quality.

With eLearnChat, Universities:

  • will be provided with the ability to admit hundreds thousands to millions of distant learning students and teach them as if they were on campus without having to spend much.
  • You will be able to generate more revenue in order to improve the standard of teaching and learning of the institution.
  • will enable the poor who cannot afford education as you will reduce the cost of gaining admission as there is a capacity for thousands of students in one department without any hardship. You will also eliminate any cost of relocation from their homes as they will be student of virtual campuses through their Smartphones and computers and attend lectures, tests and exams online. You will also reduce the cost of instructional materials as you will be able to upload e-copy of every instructional material they will need to complete their degree in your virtual university.
  • With this, will enable over 50% of the poor to become more skilful in the labour market thereby reducing poverty in the country.

While Students of any university will have access to:

  • Video and Audio Lecture Notes
  • Lecture Materials in form of PDF, Doc and other formats.
  • Online Examinations environment including multiple choice questions as well as fill in the gaps and essay with a strong security through our Desktop Application designed to minimize examination malpractice and increasing the application power of students which will make students apply school laws into their natural environments.
  • Video chats for life lectures online.
  • Android app for easy access for students.
  • Virtual Campus where students from any location can discuss.
  • Virtual Offices where Students and their lecturers can discuss on academic issues.
  • Will graduate with a standard certificate equivalent to the one obtained by distance learning students.
  • And so on.

We cannot do this alone, we need universities to help us make this nation better and brighter.